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3D Configurators:

Centralise Collateral

Integrate PDFs.
Say it all in one space.

Curate Control

Simplify production with interactive options.

Automate Brochures

Generate sales documents listing specs. Featuring images of the custom boat.

Beat the best with enhanced UX.

Increase high-end sales with live personalisation.

OS Configurators are a subscription. We maintain and update configurators for a boat's market lifetime.

Demo below

OS Configurators are compatible with any scale of vessel.

Compare the Quality:

Other Skies' 3D Configurators are market-leading.

We are looking for new partners.

Steps to a configurator:

1) File Conversion.
2) 3D Modelling.
3) Texture Painting.
4) UI Design.
5) Controller Programming.
6) Launch Online & Offline.

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We also offer...

3D Image Rendering

Light and Airy

Dark and Sophisticated

Visualise Variants

With a 3D Team

Work with artists to test decisions in live-time 3D

This is all CGI

Your go to studio for 3D Imagery:

- Studio shots
- Environmental images
- Lifestyle marketing

Every asset ready for animation...


T47 Teaser

Film Portfolio

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Interior Tour

Interior tour film showcasing Archipelago Expedition Yacht's new 47' explorer catamaran.

Exterior Cinematic

Creative commercial launching Twisted Marine's T47 Explorer, cinematically showcasing the exterior design.

Tech Tutorial

Propulsion technology tutorial showcasing operational modes of a methanol/hydrogen electric hybrid explorer vessel, Archipelago Zero 63.

Product Visualisation

Creative product visualisation of Maverick Aviation's jetpack design, supporting presales, gaining government grants & investors supports.

Service Demonstration

Visualisation of Woodrow Scientific's laser-drone based cleaning service for off-shore windfarms.

Mitch Wisniewski

Managing Director

Gregory Smith

Art Director

Cornel Kadillari

Technical Director

We are artists & engineers with unsurpassed passion for art, tech, the sea & sailing.

With backgrounds in Lewmar, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, Tall Ships Races.

We're on a mission to deliver the highest standard of CGI to boatbuilders.

'Start-up/Entrepreneur of the year 2022' from the Hampshire Chambers of Commerce

Winner of Theo Paphitis' Solent business pitching competition 2022

R&D Funding by InnovateUK to build the second generation 3D Configurator

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