Selling boats is easier in 3D

Combine 3D and online sales, with 3D Configurators.

Our configurators simplify personalising & ordering a boat online.

360° control, activated animations, selectable alternates materials and models.

Sailors want every angle on a boat before buying, so lets make this easy for everyone…

Lets make buying a boat online an experience worth repeating.

3D configurators for boatbuilders

3D configurators are used to show variations, features, demonstrate actions, and, assimilate viewers with the space, scale, and their personal preference.

For Visual Learners, please enjoy this video.

For Interactive Learners, click here to experience our boatbuilder.

If you would prefer to play through an Interactive Tutorial first, we have you covered.

To see how automotive manufacturers outclass their competition in online sales savvy, see how Lucid and Honda are using 3D configurators.

Interested in knowing more? Send us an email, or check our FAQ.

Further Services – 3D Photography – 3D Film- 3D Catalogues

Photography / Static Rendering

Film / 3D Animation

Six turbine jetpack

Maverick Aviation LTD

Laser cleaning drone

Woodrow Scientific LTD

We have helped two technology start-ups communicate their vision, find funding, and win business.

Our studio is open to supporting ambitious creators, designers, manufacturers to achieve realisation.

Master communication, optimise conversation with visuals, and, answer questions with animation.

Product Visualisation

White Edition

Woodrow Scientific LTD

Black Edition

Woodrow Scientific LTD

3D Catalogues

3D Catalogues can be used to show up to 50 products in 3D, within a custom environment designed to foster purchase positivity.

This can integrate with your current site or be an independent page. Everything you need in one place…

  • Technical specifications
  • Product variations
  • Videos
  • Order handling
  • Payment integration
  • Meta data

Interactive Animations

Winch assembly explosion – scroll control

Product viewport – colour control


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How much is configurable?

Everything, from floor to ceiling, material and model, lights, weather, even the time of day.

How long does it take to create a configurator?

Short answer is one month. Two weeks for 3D production, two weeks for technical development, but, this depends on a few factors: Providing high-quality 3D files. Boat complexity. Quantity of configurable content. That one month can vary by two weeks depending on the details.

How much does it cost?

Anywhere between 1 – 10% of the retail price of the boat in question, we enjoy the negotiation.

In all seriousness, our pricing is flexible to accommodate your situation, your business, and where you are in your journey. The electric boat market is open to newcomers and so are we.

How does hosting work?

Whilst we are verging on Web 3.0 with our service, officially this is still Web 2.0. 3D interactivity requires dedicated hosting to deliver confidently. We provide high-availability CDN server services to ensure reliable experiences.

Is there a subscription for hosting?

There is, but we hope to make this as painless as possible for you, so we are providing a 1% discount for your next configurator for every month you pay to host your current configurator.

How else can we use this tech?

Interactive demonstrations of any kind. Process, assembly, possibilities, whatever you need to communicate can be more efficient and engaging with simple 3D interactive viewports.